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JOIM - Job Opportunities in Myanmar

  • Yangon, Myanmar
  • Member since 21 Dec 2021

Company Summary

  • JOIM is the Intermediate Platform between Job Seekers and Companies. JOIM is also known as ‘Company Direct Job-Sharing Platform’.
  • On JOIM Platform, Companies Urgent job Vacancies from all over Myanmar are posted. So, Job Seekers are more efficient and Employers can get Good Employees right away.
  • For HR and Business Owners, you can create job post to make it more visible to those who need jobs on JOIM Platform. And you can search skilled, midskilled and unskilled employees.
  • For Job seekers, you can search jobs on JOIM Platform and do not miss out great opportunities . And you can apply directly to the Email of Companies posted on JOIM platforms. So, you don't need to send us your CV form.

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