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U Hton Goldsmith & Jewellery

  • B-01 - 05 ၊ မြေညီထပ် ၊ လမ်းမတော် ပလာဇာ ၊ လမ်းမတော်လမ်း ၊ လသာမြို့နယ် ၊ ရန်ကုန်မြို့, Myanmar
  • Member since 06 Oct 2022

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U Hton Goldsmith & Jewellery is a leading jewellery manufacturing and retail company located in Yangon, Myanmar. The company with over 80+ years of combined industry experience in various jewellery production techniques. Since 1994, U Hton Goldsmith & Jewellery provides products ranging from 24K through 18K gold products, and gemstone jewellery.

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